HPSI is committed to a green, sustainable future. In addition to conducting our own business in a manner that minimizes environmental impact, we encourage our vendors to develop and promote environmentally-friendly products and to offer purchasing solutions that help our members realize their sustainability goals.

Although it is impossible to list everything that our vendors are doing to meet this objective, some of their noteworthy initiatives include:

  • Implementation of programs that help members re-lamp their buildings with energy-efficient lighting fixtures together with assistance in claiming rebate monies available through various government programs
  • Development and use of biodegradable medical-grade foam (made from soybeans) to be used in mattresses and bed-positioning products
  • Optimization of package sizing and use of recycled materials
  • Implementation of improved manufacturing procedures to reduce energy and natural gas consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions
  • Development of sustainable agricultural practices including biological diversity through managed crop rotation
  • Implementation of programs to transfer food waste to compost companies or to convert such waste into energy
  • Deployment of more efficient delivery and transportation schedules

If you desire additional information about these or other sustainability initiatives undertaken by HPSI or its vendors, please contact the HPSI corporate office or any of our local purchasing consultants.