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An essential role of food service management is the coordination of food purchasing and menu planning.  Inefficient or inadequate procedures can lead to cost overruns, waste and a disappointing bottom line. offers the management tools necessary to not only eliminate these kinds of inefficiencies, but also to enhance all facets of your food service operation.

With, food ordering is directly linked to menu planning.  When a menu is completed, a food order is automatically generated based on census and menu requirements.  At the same time, Inventory Management allows you to maintain proper inventory levels while Order Guide Management lets you limit what can by ordered, thus helping to further control costs.

Of course, does much more than streamline food ordering and inventory management.  As an internet based system, allows you to access your entire menu, anytime and anywhere. With real time food costs and resident information, you are able to immediately adjust your menu to control costs related to prevailing market conditions or to scale recipes according to fluctuations in census. also facilitates the cultural change movement by allowing resident focused customization.  Select menus, diverse recipes (including popular regional favorites), snacks and substitutions --- all provide residents with an array of choices and a more homelike experience.  And since menus are prepared using HPSI negotiated products, you are always assured of a nutritious and pleasing dining experience as well as cost savings.

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