The Information You Need
To Get The Job Done Right

When it comes to providing our members the data they need to keep making smart buying decisions, HPSI is peerless in the industry. Our dedicated Data Management Department is your one-stop data source, which provides our HPSI members with all-inclusive reporting.

Consolidated reporting - system wide and by facility
Purchases from multiple locations and vendors can be consolidated into a single management report, and in-depth reporting on each individual location.

Identify savings with high volume opportunities
Consolidating purchase history at single or multiple locations allows the identification of high volume items, cost savings and standardization.

Benchmark - PPD costs by facility and product areas
Our data management reports can calculate the Per Patient Day (PPD) cost for each product area in which a member participates. Multi-facility operators can benchmark each facility in relation to their corporate budget or consolidated PPD cost.

Regular Business Reviews
Regular business reviews include current program participation, identifying new savings opportunities, presenting new vendor programs and establishing new goals and objectives for the next quarter.

The Prudent Buyer Report
Each month a detailed report of program purchases, called a Prudent Buyer Report, is sent to each HPSI member. The Prudent Buyer Report reflects all the purchases made by your operation from an approved HPSI vendor. The report is broken down by product category and within that category, by manufacturer or distributor. At the end of each product category, the report reflects your operation’s total purchases for that month, as well as your past six-months, and the last price you paid for the item. By using the Prudent Buyer Report, you can easily and effectively review purchasing trends, track price changes and analyze the cost savings available from HPSI.

Click here to see a sample Prudent Buyer Report