Meet Kirk, Your Purchasing Consultant

Anyone in your position needs a Kirk.
Kirk represents one of the many dedicated and hard working HPSI Purchasing Consultants.  When you join HPSI, a “Kirk” living in your area will become a valuable extension of your team --- ready to help whenever the need arises.

Your Kirk will first conduct an in depth product-by-product analysis of your current costs.  He will ask questions like: Are you ordering what you really need?  What can you do to save money?  He will then customize a purchasing program just for you.

But that’s only the beginning.  In order to ensure that you always receive your maximum program benefits, Kirk will visit you regularly.  During these visits, he will:

  • Explain how you can save more money by better utilizing approved program vendors and products.
  • Make you aware of special product promotions, seasonal discounts and leveraged buying opportunities.
  • Present the HPSI program to your staff as often as necessary and train them on how to save money through proper use of approved vendor contracts.
  • Introduce other cost savings programs and services available through HPSI, such as the cutting edge technologies and tools included in the food service management system.

In addition, with Kirk as your single point of contact, you won’t get the run-around.  If additional assistance is needed, he’ll enlist the help of the entire HPSI team --- an army of purchasing experts, including materials managers, contract specialists, customer service agents, registered dietitians and others.  Your questions will be answered, and any issues will be fixed --- Fast.

Things out of your control can happen: items end up backordered, the wrong goods get shipped, substitutions made, a delivery time missed. If there’s a vendor problem, call Kirk.  He will immediately follow up with the vendor, research the problem and ensure a timely response to resolve the situation.  Rest assured he’ll keep you aware of every step, and remedy any errors.

At HPSI, it’s clearly all about great service and great savings. If you don’t get both, then we’re only doing half our job.

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