We Know Them — They Know Us

For over 40 years, HPSI has worked with the vendor community building relationships of trust and negotiating the best pricing available. These strong vendor relationships allow HPSI to:

  • Negotiate the best pricing because vendors know that we can move market share with the size of our group and the strength of our sales force.
  • Quickly and effectively mediate vendor related concerns and solve member problems with honesty and integrity.
  • Gain access to better vendor resources, marketing tools and promotional programs, partly as a result of our close association with vendor National Account Managers.
  • Enlist vendor assistance in training members to purchase more effectively, use products appropriately, and demonstrate the potential dollars that can be saved.

All in all, by building relationships of trust and honesty with the vendor community, we are able to better meet the needs of our members.  At HPSI, we know our vendors — and they know us.