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An Unparalleled Selection of Vendors & Products

Leading Vendors
As a member of HPSI, you will gain access to HPSI’s comprehensive and time-tested portfolio of vendor contracts. In building this portfolio, HPSI’s goal has been to find vendors whose strengths, products, services and resources most closely align with the needs of our members. HPSI seeks vendors who possess high business ethics and a strong commitment to quality, value and service.
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HPSI is always looking to establish new vendor relationships. Vendors who may be interested in participating in the HPSI program are encouraged to contact one of our contract managers. Since HPSI selects vendors through a periodic and regular bidding process, we will keep your information on file for consideration during our next bidding period.

Quality Products
HPSI is committed to offering the best products and services at the best prices. Our program includes millions of products and services covering virtually every supply needed by our diverse member base. Click here to view our product list.

With these products comes the HPSI guarantee of committed pricing and price protection, together with uncompromising service and attention to your individual purchasing needs. Moreover, our purchasing professionals work closely with our vendor partners to monitor market fluctuations relative to raw materials, fuel and shipping costs and other market dynamics, to make sure that HPSI is always competitive in the marketplace.

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