Specialization AREAS
A GPO for All Seasons

We work within a wide variety of markets including Healthcare, Hospitality and Education. Although the businesses may vary, the savings opportunities are always the same.

With over forty years experience in the healthcare market, HPSI®’s healthcare program is known for consistently low prices, world class service and innovative management tools.  Click here to learn more about how we specialize in Healthcare>>

HPSI’s Hospitality program offers substantial manufacturer rebates to restaurants and other hospitality providers. In some geographical areas, HPSI also offers additional savings through participation in its full purchasing program.  Click here to learn more about how we specialize in Hospitality >>

HPSI has designed a unique purchasing solution for universities, colleges and K-12 that balances the demands of quality, nutrition, sustainability and cost savings.
Click here to learn how we specialize in Education >>